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Streamate is just one more site with not one single ebony goddess on the front page. I am so sick of going to cam sites only to see no black women, what the heck is wrong with a world that does not want to show off that kind of amazing beauty and womanliness? I mean, come on! What is hotter than those big lips and that chocolate milk skin? Duh, nothing! SO what the hell is going on, why are these sites not wooing the black babes left, right and center? I don’t get it.

How many online at a time

There are over 200 people online at one time on Streamate and yet they are everything but black! I see all kinds of white girls, some of them teeny tiny and some not so much, plenty of Latinas, why by the way are the next best thing to black and a smattering of Asians.

Sexy Latinas, not black but still foxy

Speaking of Latinas, they are so hot I could cry. If you cannot go black then you may as well go with a sexy salsa mama. These chicks are full and luscious as well and they are also horny as all get out. If you have not yet had the chance to “chat” with a Latina hottie then you need to get your ass over to Streamate and do it NOW. Seriously these girls know how to give it out online and maybe you can ask them to bring over a black friend and add to the party!

Paying too much?

The thing about Streamate is that you have to pay more than just a per minute rate. You will also have to fork out a monthly fee of just under $15 in order to even get into the site. You will not have access to the members or even be allowed to see how many there are that exist on the site until you pay the monthly fee. I think that is not fair, you need to be able to see what you are paying for before you have to fork out the dough.

Those looking for some black pussy would have to pay out the cash only to find that there is no black pussy on Streamate or at least next to none, not cool man, not cool.

Once you have paid the monthly rate on Streamate you will then have to pay per minute as well. The rates are $2.99 per minute for private chats but if you want them to be open to others then you will be able to get a discounted rate. It will not be quite as awesome, but still not bad.

Streamate would not be so bad if they would get some of the sexy dark pussy meat on there. They need the thick thighs and the big asses, who does not want to watch a hottie rocking back and forth on a great big dildo. IF they had more black babes you would be able to see those flesh colored dongs sinking into the black and pink flesh, just thinking about it makes me hard, too bad I cannot get some of that African action!

So in the end, Streamate is fine for those who don’t mind paying extra each month and who do not mind a little variation in their cam play.

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