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Spread4u is not as impressive as some of the other cam sites out there, especially when you take into account the lack of black booty to be seen on there. I was highly disappointed when I got there and looked through all of the girls online only to find that there was one lone black lady. I guess that is better than some, it seems that good ebony cam lovin’ is awful hard to come by these days, but really, one? That is just sad!

My Fave Spread4u Black Babe

The hottie that was online was pretty damn sexy though. Her screen name was Naomi 4 U and she was ripe man, really, really ripe. I mean her body was big and beautiful! I don’t big as in plus sized, I just mean strong and sexy. This chick is a real woman and I could not wait to get her private. Her tits were big and luscious and they were very high but still plenty natural looking. I loved the way they were slightly upturned, she was amazing. And her skin was so dark and sexy, I wish I could have been there in person to lick it!

Now as far as the rest of the site goes it was pretty standard fare. If you want to see who is online at any given time just click the button at the top and then you will see a page that breaks these hotties down into sections.

Categorizing Spread4u

They are not grouped by ethnicity or any kind of physical characteristics but rather by other things like whether they offer a free chat or not. There are really only two of these, there is the free chat section and the nude chat section. Of course the nude chat is different in that the girls are totally naked.

This is a much sexier part of the site but it costs money whereas the free chat doesn’t. The nude chat is not the same as the private chat. All of the sexy chicks on Spread4u can go private. The nude chat is like a lobby area, it is pretty much the same as the free chat but with less clothing to contend with.

Spread4u Nude Chats

I spend a lot of time in the nude chat rooms. I did not see any hardcore action, I am not sure if that is because of the girls I chose or because of the nude chat rules. Maybe you have to be private for them to really play rough with the toys, not sure. Maybe I just chose women who were too ladylike for that, who knows.

What I do know is that my single lone goddess was the one I took private and we had a ton of fun. We did so many things together and it was amazing. This chick is one of the best I have ever come across online, she is nasty and I mean that in the best way possible. She was worth every penny I spent on her over at Spread4u. YUM!

Breaking down Spread4u even more

You can however break this who’s online page down further if you want to. There is a drop down menu on the left near the top of the girl listing, that will allow you to choose girls according to their physical characteristics.

You can choose the following categories:

Body type

That is a good breakdown in my opinion, but the lack of ebony hotties is a total let down. I would have loved to see some black fetish women on Spread4u but this was not happening.

The prices at Spread4u

I do like the different options of price. I like having the choice between a party chat or a private chat and I am always up for some free chatting with a beautiful lady! The price can seem pretty darn high as well when you are really getting into the private chats. These girls charge a lot but they are pretty freaking sexy, well at least the one black chick is. That is not fair really, the other girls really are a treat, but in my opinion nothing can compare to a wicked hot black babe, it is just impossible.

The video options are pretty good on Spread4u as well, just about everyone will be able to take part in the chats on Spread4u without having to download anything special or anything annoying like that.

So in the end, Spread4u is fine if you are okay with there being less than two black babes on a cam site. In all fairness chances are there are more of them that are just online, but still, this kind of ratio is pretty damn scant.

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